Get your business noticed with Awning Graphics

An awning on your storefront offers more to you than just shade. If you add Awning Graphics, you’re creating a 24hr advertisement for your business. With a vast color palette and myriad design options, fabric awnings and canopies enhance visual appeal. Incorporate your logo, company colors and other distinctive architectural details into your building design with the help of an awning or canopy.


A multitude of customization options afford you the ability to create an iconic image for your exterior as well as provide shade and shelter.

We can help you design an awning that fits your corporate image, helps you promote business and sets your building apart from the competition.


A dying art in most awning and sign companies, we use Golden Acrylic Artist Colors to apply your logo or lettering onto Sunbrella Fabric. Up to 6 colors can be used to create a traditional vibrant look.



We use the best 3M outdoor vinyl to provide you with sharp graphics. Vinyl decals offer a quick, cheaper alternative to paint with a 5yr warranty. An added bonus to decals is that in most cases, they can be easily removed if you need to update your branding.



Need to advertise your business 24hrs a day? Not a problem with our back-lit awning fabric with illuminated Awning Graphics. We use a process called eradication to wash out the ink from the vinyl material, leaving dazzling graphics that can’t be missed at night or in the day. Back-lit 3M vinyls can also be added to bring in a splash of color to your logo.

Back-lit Awning with Eradicated Graphics
Back-lit Awning with Eradicated Graphics


For us to accurately reproduce your logo onto your fabric choice, we ideally need you to submit your artwork to us in vector format (EPS, AI [Adobe Illustrator] or a vectorized PDF) Vector art allows us to resize the logo without blurring or distortion. Unless the logo is very simple to redraw, we cannot work with jpg, gif, tiff, png or psd files. is a service that can ‘vectorize’ your artwork for you for a very small fee.


We can offer you a wide variety of fonts, or you can suggest your own. Click a font sheet below for a larger view.

You can also go to and let us know the name of the font you like so we can incorporate it into your design.

Standard Font Sheet
Standard Font Sheet
Script and Specialty Fonts
Script and Specialty Fonts
Number Style Sheet
Number Style Sheet

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