The Awning Buyer’s Guide

Once you give us a call or fill in the form on this page, we’ll contact you to set up an appointment. One of our salespeople will meet with you at you home or business (wherever you need the awning installed) and discuss what it is you need, show you various awning styles, materials and colors. You tell us what you like. They will take a photo of your storefront or home and give it to our graphics team…


storefront awnings
Without an awning and signage, this building looks empty!


 The design process:

We’ll take the photo of your home or place of work, import it into our 3D modeling software to super-impose a lifelike awning onto you building. Don’t like the style? Want it bigger, smaller or a different color? We’ll do everything we can to get the awning exactly how you want it.

We offer this free service to both our residential and commercial customers!

The Awning Design Process


Take a look at a gallery of our super-imposed awning renderings here

Graphics and Branding:

If it’s an awning for your business, our graphics team will work with you to get that all important lettering or logo to your liking.

We'll proof out your graphics to scale so you can better visualize your awning.

 Once we’ve got everything exactly to your specifications, we’ll sign some paperwork and get your custom awning into production!


Your Finished Awning!
NOW you’re in business!
 Call 410-685-5687 or fill in the webform on this page.

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