Featured 3D Awning Rendering
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3D Awning Renderings

Because every awning we make is unique and there are thousands of combinations, sometimes it’s hard for our customers to visualize exactly what product they need. 2D renderings offer a terrific way to see the awning on your building, but we like to take it a step further…

We’re now proud to offer our customers a 3D video rendering of their proposed awning. This way you can see your product from all angles which gives you peace of mind before you order.

We can email your 3D rendering to you as a video file, or even upload your video to YouTube as a private link where only you can view it.

Here at Hoffman we strive to give our customers every available resource so you can make the most informed choice before you buy.

Just ask your sales representative and we’ll bring your awning to life!

Feel free to browse out YouTube page for a full list of our awning videos