Carport Awnings

Our carports are rugged, weather-tight and built to last.

carport awning

With the family car underneath an awning, carport owners typically find that the vehicle’s paint job lasts longer. The car interior relatively cool even in the hottest months of summer, drivers don’t need to blast the air conditioning when they get in, sparing their car from the extra wear and battery use. Say goodbye to hot seats or faded paint.

Well-chosen carports and awnings can offer both convenience and style. An aluminum carport can range widely in shape, size, material, and style, making it highly customizable to match any home and any surrounding landscaping. 

To choose the right carport for your needs, consider both aesthetic and practical factors before you buy.

Benefits of a Carport

Compared to enclosed garages, metal carport awnings offer similar benefits at a more economical price. Contemporary home design professionals describe metal car awnings as a rising style trend and not solely a lower-priced alternative to the garage. 

Practical Benefits:

Carport Awnings provide your vehicle with natural ventilation as well as protection from the elements. In places with regular prevailing winds, metal awnings may be designed with one closed side for further protection.

Carports have become an increasingly popular option for design reasons and remain attractive to many buyers as an economical alternative to the full garage. On average, adding a car awning to your property costs 50 percent less than building a full garage.

flat pan awning
A Flat Pan Aluminum Carport Mounted to the side of a home

Carport Options

When choosing an awning, carport buyers can select from a variety of materials and styles. We offer have both steel and aluminum Carport Awnings for sale with a Flat or A-Frame roof, a curved canopy and even with enclosed sides. Furthermore, we can make them in custom sizes to suit your needs.

Carport Awnings efficiently protect cars from sun, hail, and other debris at a relatively low price. Compared to other materials, aluminum carport awnings are highly durable and require a relatively low initial investment, making them one of the most cost-effective carport options in the long run. A steel awning is another extremely sturdy option for carports. The resilience of steel carports makes them ideal if you have a partially wooded property and wish to protect your vehicle from the risk of fallen tree branches.

A free-standing Carport Awning with a fabric cover
carport awning
A Stepdown Aluminum Carport Awning
carport awning
A Flat Pan Aluminum Carport Awning

Carport Awnings really are a wise investment because of their protection, added value to the property, preservation of your vehicle and even free up precious garage space! At A. Hoffman Awning Co, we feel that our products are silent heroes, but perform an extremely important function, nonetheless. As awning buffs, we’d love to chat about some specific questions you may have and to help you with your Carport Awning project, so contact us at 410-685-5687.

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