Historical & Vintage Awnings

Our History

Andrew Hoffman standing outside our original location at 405 N. Paca St., back in 1910.


Andrew Hoffman began a humble shop on 405 N. Paca Street in Baltimore. His shop back then specialized in upholstery, draperies, flags and on occasion, awnings.


Andrew had fantastic success on the awning side of the business and he decided to shift his focus by only manufacturing awnings, and that’s how our proud company has stayed for nearly 100 years.

Andrew’s son John Sr. (second generation), entered into the business and then John Jr., (third generation) also came into the family business shortly after serving in the Air Force.

John P. Hoffman Jr
John Sr. and John Jr, worked side by side for many years as John Jr. learned every aspect of the business. Under the 3 generations of Hoffmans, Hoffman Awning became a household name and brand in Baltimore.
Paca St and our new location since 2005 on Belair Rd.
Paca St and our new location since 2005 on Belair Rd.

A. Hoffman Awning Co. Today

Inside our 14,000 sq ft facility.
Inside our 14,000 sq ft facility.
The A. Hoffman Awning Co. manufactures both residential and commercial awnings with a dedication and a commitment to customer satisfaction unmatched in the industry.


A satisfied customer is always our top priority. Our highly experienced and friendly staff will work with you, our valued customer,  to design an awning or canopy product that will meet and exceed all of your requirements and expectations.web3 web8 web7 web6 web5 web4


Cleve Shields operating a heat sealer

Darin Constantine, sales manager

Joe Grimm, general manager

John P. Hoffman

Rob Heffington, weld shop manager


The A. Hoffman Awning Co., Baltimore, MD was recognized with the 2006 International Achievement Award (IAA) presented by the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) for its exceptional specialty fabric project.

We received the Award for Excellence for our gazebo and pool shading project. The Project was recognized in the competitions retractable awning category.

Our Award Winning Project
Our Award Winning Project

Awnings can be used to advertise a business, beautify a building or home, offer shelter from the weather or even control energy costs – or all of these things at once.

We have been custom-making many different kinds of awnings for many different clients longer than anyone else.

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We always appreciate your businessJohn & Donna Hoffman.

The Original & Best Awning Manufacture Since 1920.