Retractable Awnings

Convenient and easy to operate, our attractive retractable awnings provide shade at your fingertips.

Enjoy the sun when you want to sunbathe or take the chill off an early spring day, and simply push a button or tap your app when the sun becomes too hot to handle.

When adding shade to your outdoor living space, our Preferred Centennial XL model blocks up to 94% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, and it decreases the sunlight entering your home. This lowers your air conditioning costs and reduces fading of your interior window treatments and furnishings.



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Swivel design prevents arm damage from wind.

IncrediSeal SEAMS

No thread = No leaks.


Keeps fabric taut.


Protects cables from all weathers


Easy to use manual hand crank, or upgrade to a motor.


Protects fabric and provides a clean, finished look.

The Best Warranty in the Business

Compare our warranty to any other conpetitor; nobody else comes close!

Our warranty includes:

  • Lifetime warranty on IncrediSeal™ seams
  • 12 year warranty on arms, shoulders, mounting brackets & more
  • 12 year warranty on fabric (prorated after 8 years)

IncrediSeal™ Technology

Innovative IncrediSeal™ seam technology sets our awnings apart. With IncrediSeal™, seams are welded instead of sewn, resulting in a clean appearance and zero leaky needle holes. This makes you awning:

  • More attractive
  • More weather resistant
  • Longer lasting
  • More durable

Unmatched Fabric Quality with Teflon®

Our Preferred Centennial Retractable works best with Tempotest®  fabrics. Tempotest® is a nanometric particle surface treatment that forms a molecular barrier around each fiber, providing double-action protection and a self-cleaning system that repels water and oil-based stains.

During the production process, the fabric is introduced into the Teflon® Extreme finishing bath creating a strong bond with the fiber and forming an invisible barrier. 

Our latest model: 

The Modern Architectural Retractable Awning

This new model is setting the trend in cassette design. We are proud to have this new and exciting product that puts us at the forefront of modern retractable technology. Featuring a innovative new Gutter System that drains rainwater away from the front of the awning.

For more information, please call 410-685-5687 to set up an appointment, or fill in the form below.

The 5 ways we can keep you covered on your deck or patio:

Fabric Awning
Retractable Awning
Step-Down Aluminum Awning
Flat Pan Awning
Standing Seam Awning
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All of our Retractable Awnings offer:

  • Hundreds of beautiful fabric options to choose from
  • Three mounting options: wall, roof or soffit
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Manual or motorized operation — with motorized, you can easily extend your awning with the push of a button or your smartphone or tablet app
  • Professional installation by your A. Hoffman Awning Co
  • Custom manufacturing in our state of the art facility
  • Maintenance-free products – the aluminum baked on enamel and powder coated finish requires no painting or lubrication of frames throughout the lifetime of the unit. Fabric is also exclusively sewn with one of the most chemically resistant substances known and guaranteed against rot and mildew.
  • A strong manufacturer’s warranty

The 5 ways A. Hoffman Awning can keep you covered: