Aluminum and Metal Awnings

standing seam awning

Our Aluminum and Metal Awnings are built to last.

Our aluminum awning, metal awnings & flat metal awnings are professionally installed on your windows, doors and porches. They shield your windows from the direct rays of the sun, keeping your home, business or workplace cooler in summer and protecting it from rain, snow and adding extra life to your windows and doors.

All of A. Hoffman Awning’s metal awnings are precision-fabricated with low-maintenance materials. They are a solid investment you will appreciate for many years and they come in a variety of colors and materials. Below we’ll go through the benefits of these types of awnings and also which will work for you.


Residential Aluminum Awnings

Traditional Residential awnings (sometimes known as step-down awnings) are the most common and popular metal awning we sell. They have a traditional look and work well on porches and windows.

Aluminum awning material can also be used for metal carports. They are a great way to protect your car without spending a lot of money on a garage. Once a metal awning is in place, it is virtually maintenance free. There are no problems with the material warping, bowing, or stretching. Rain or shine, an aluminum awning will perform its job for years and years without worry.


Our Aluminum Awnings come in a wide variety or colors, stripes and trims. They also have decorative uprights if needed. Ask your salesperson for a brochure.

A Traditional Aluminum Porch Awning (above) and Aluminum Window Awnings

Standing Seam Metal Awnings

Standing Seam awnings are typically used in a commercial environment. They are modern, architectural and built to last.

These metal awnings come in a variety of panel shapes. Traditional Standing Seam panels called Pac-Clad are probably the most common.

Snap-Clad panels feature architectural aesthetics as well as structural performance. Snap-Clad panels, produced in continuous lengths, are leveled to provide superior flatness and feature an optional factory-applied sealant bead for improved weather resistance.

Snap-Clad panels feature a 1-3/4” leg height and a continuous interlock for improved structural performance and wind resistance. A concealed-fastener clip system allows for thermal expansion/contraction while providing extraordinary hold-down strength.

Typical Standing Seam Awning
Other standing seam options include R-36, M-42 and corrugated. These come in a variety of colors.

Despite being used more often in commercial environments, a standing seam awning can also look great on your home.

We offer renderings where we can show you how the awning will look on your home or business before you commit to a style. Ask your salesperson today.

W-Panel Awnings / Flat Metal Awnings/ Patio Covers

W Panel Awnings are an alternative way to cover your porch or patio. Commonly used as a residential application, these patio covers can also be used commercially.

More architectural in look than a typical aluminum porch awning, W Panels offer a robust extension to your roofline. These Flat Metal Awnings have a built-in gutter system which drains water away from your home. They also are extremely sturdy and are designed to withstand snow loads. It’s always wise, however to clear snow from any roof or awning structure if possible.