Basement and Stairway Awnings

Basement & Stairwell Awnings give you peace of mind

If an upcoming storm has you running downstairs to check the sump pump and sprinting outside to clear leaves from the drain at the bottom of your steps, you need an awning over your basement entry area. We can design a solution that’s tailored to your building which will keep your basement dry and also no more snow shoveling in tight stairway entrances with our Basement Awnings.

Our basement awnings are custom made to fit your needs and can be made from a variety of material:

  • Metal – Metal Basement Awnings are made from the highest quality Standing Seam material and a durable welded aluminum frame.
  • Fabric – If color is vitally important to the exterior look of your home, our fabric materials come in all the solid and striped colors imaginable. You can also add a custom valance for a more traditional look.
  • Vinyl – Our 16oz heavy duty vinyl materials come in many colors and are easy to clean and maintain. Ask your salesperson which material is right for you.

Stairway protection

Protect your stairways from dangerous ice and debris with one of our custom made awnings
A stairway awning prevents the need to shovel snow or rake leaves in a tight space

4 ways to cover your basement or stairwell:

Fabric Awning
Step-Down Aluminum Awning
Flat Pan Awning
Standing Seam Awning

We can help you visualize your new awning

Our cutting edge 3D software can super-impose the awning on a photo of your home so you'll know exactly what the awning will look like before we manufacture it. Ask your salesperson for a rendering, absolutely free! For more info, visit our renderings page