Fabrics & Materials

Awning Fabrics

The perfect awning can add beauty and shade to any venue. We only use the very best quality fabrics and vinyls in the industry. Top brands like Sunbrella, Herculite, Dickson, and Serge Ferrari. All come with features like mold resistance, water repellence, and UV protection. Try Weblon Coastline vinyl for a lasting lifespan in coastal climates, or Patio 500 for a hardy, matte finish.

While color is likely to be your most pressing decision, choosing the type of fabric is equally important and can sometimes be a little daunting. Below we’ll go through our various fabric types and give you some information on their uses.

Your A. Hoffman Awning salesperson will also help you pick the right fabric for you home or business.

Acrylic Fabrics

Our Acrylic awning fabrics are 100% solution dyed fabrics. Solution-dying is the process of adding colour to acrylic fibres during manufacturing while they are in a liquid state. Colour goes all the way through the fabric not just on the surface (like canvas for example) so the appearance is maintained after several years. This is what helps the fabric maintain its colour and prevents fading for a long life and is easy to clean. Due to the solution dying, these high quality awning fabrics also resist cracking from sunlight exposure and other elements. The fabric is then woven which makes the fabric very breathable so they can dry very quickly when there are rain showers.

All of our acrylic awning fabrics are also teflon coated which repels water so rain just runs off the front of the awning into the integrated gutter for efficient drainage.

The solution dyed acrylic fibre will not support the growth of mildew or fabric rot as some traditional materials would.

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Vinyl Materials

Vinyl awning materials offer more toughness than acrylic. While acrylic is still very durable, vinyl can be used for commercial applications, or in areas where snow and other debris (such as tree branches etc) could collect on the awning in large amounts.

For example, if you’re planning on getting a patio awning which you want to make use of all year round, vinyl would be an excellent choice. Vinyl is also a lot easier to clean, so if your awning is next to a busy street or in an industrial area, maintaining the awning is simpler.

Vinyl material is also great for graphics! We offer a few different types of vinyl that can accept decals, paint & more. We also stock back-lit vinyl which lights up when lit from behind. Your A. Hoffman Awning sales rep can guide you through the various applications and find the right material for your needs.

For more information on the vinyl materials we stock, please click here.