3D Awning Gallery

A small selection of our 3D awning models are below.

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Patio Awning with Wind Barriers
-Perfect for restaurants as an outdoor dining area. Can also be used for outdoor smoking areas.

Back-lit Awning with Egg Crate
-For increased visibility. Graphics that light up at night. A great way to advertise your business 24 hours a day.

Free Standing Awning
-Extend your outdoor living space. This gazebo-type awning can be fitted with a ceiling fan.

A Frame Entrance Awning
-For commercial walkways / entrances

Modern Shed – Open Sides
-Ideal for modern businesses. Large area for graphics.

Retractable Awning with Hanging Valance
-Visit our retractables page for more info

Half-Round Entrance Canopy
-Doorway awning – great for small businesses/ apartments

Wind Barrier
-Adding a wind barrier to an awning provides even more protection from the elements. Great for restaurant entrances.

Standard Shed Style Awning
-Multipurpose awning –  Great for any situation

Pac Clad Standing Seam Metal Awning
-Architectural look. Shopping centers, business parks etc.

Corrugated Aluminum Awning
-Modern architectural look.

California Flap Awning
-For patios, decks or beside the pool.

Shed Awning with A Frame
-For commercial application. Shed section can be longer with A Frame section above a door. Great for graphics.

Dome Awning Frame (with truss)
-Looks stylish above a front door. With or without a scallop

Aluminum Awning
-Great for homes, over a patio or front entrance.

Concave Awning – Open Sides
-Cozy traditional looking awning. Give it a traditional look by adding a valance.

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