Aluminum Awnings

Stepdown Aluminum Awnings are a part of Baltimore’s DNA.

They can be found in one neighborhood after another, sometimes on every home of a block.
We have seen a massive revival of the stepdown aluminum awning in Baltimore and also a crossover to commercial applications. Seeing a need in the market for the growing resurgence in the stepdown aluminum awning market, we began a new division manufacturing these awnings. 
All of our Hoffman-manufactured Aluminum Awnings are precision-fabricated with low-maintenance materials. They are a solid investment you will appreciate for many years and they come in a variety of colors and materials.
  • Awnings on your windows keep your home or business cooler.

  • Awnings over your doors protect you and your visitors from the elements and keep your entryway dry.

  • Metal awnings are extremely durable. No need to take down in the winter.

  • Protection from the elements. Our Aluminum & Metal awnings are built to the latest wind and snow loads.

  • We can integrate a gutter system on your awning to control and divert rainwater away from your home.

The classic Baltimore Stepdown awning will improve any brick facade.
Our Aluminum Awnings come in a variety or colors, stripes and trims.

Flat Pan Aluminum Awnings

The contemporary way to extend your living space.

Metal awnings are a great option for your home or business as they offer a modern look while providing a more durable finish. They also require less maintenance than fabric awnings. Our Flat Pan awnings are total aluminum construction with built-in gutter system to transport and dispose of water quickly and efficiently.

More architectural in look than a typical aluminum porch awning, Flat Pans offer a robust extension to your roofline. 

These awnings have a built-in gutter system which drains water away from your home. They also are extremely sturdy and are designed to withstand snow loads. 

Flat Pan Awning Features:

  • Internal gutter system to transport and dispose of water quickly and efficiently
  • Chosen for durability and load strength
  • Roll-formed aluminum
  • Great for carports, walkway covers, patio covers
  • Overhead arms or posts
Flat Pan Basement Awning
Flat Pan Awnings also make great carports.