Residential Awnings

Our residential awnings are designed to meet your specific needs. They can be customized to fit any space and all fabrics and colors are selected, cut and stitched based on your personal preference. No two awnings we’ve made have ever been the same. We’re proud to provide you with a unique, beautiful addition to your home.

There are several benefits that come with adding our exterior covering solutions to your home:

  • Beautification of your home and a raised property value.
  • A more welcoming and comfortable home environment.
  • Ability to utilize outdoor space whilst being protected by the weather.
  • An extension of your personal space beyond the walls of your home.
  • The opportunity to conserve money spent on electricity bills.
  • Added protection for your windows & doors
  • Increased privacy
  • The comfort that The A. Hoffman Awning Company will provide you with a lasting solution.

Energy Saving Study

According to the study, conducted by PAMA, awnings can reduce annual cooling energy by as much as 50 percent in hot climates, such as Texas, and as much as 25% in moderate climates, such as Washington, DC, compared to homes with completely un-shaded windows. The amount of cooling energy saved varies depending on the number of windows, type of glass in the windows, window orientation and the climate the house is in.

“What some people don’t realize is that in most homes, more cooling energy is lost through glass doors and windows than any other part of the house,” said Michelle Sahlin, managing director of PAMA. “Awnings are an effective way to reduce heat gain and prevent cooling energy loss in households. This benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the homeowner by saving them money on energy bills.”

Click here for a complete copy of the PAMA Study on Awning Energy Saving

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