Flat Pan Awnings

flat pan awning
Flat Pan Awnings are a great option for your home or business as they offer a modern look while providing a durable finish. They also require less maintenance than fabric awnings. These metal awning covers are of aluminum construction with a built-in gutter system to transport and dispose of water quickly and efficiently.

More architectural in look than a typical aluminum porch awning, Flat Pans offer a robust extension to your roofline. 

These aluminum patio covers have a built-in gutter system which drains water away from your home. They also are extremely sturdy and are designed to withstand snow loads and are great for homes that have a lot of surrounding trees as they withstand tree debris much better than a fabric awning. Flat Pan Awning Features:

  • Internal gutter system to transport and dispose of water quickly and efficiently
  • Chosen for durability and load strength
  • Roll-formed aluminum
  • Great for carports, walkway covers, patio covers
  • Overhead arms or posts
Flat Pan Basement Awning
flat pan awning
flat pan awning
flat pan awning
Metal Patio Covers are the perfect addition to a back yard.
flat pan awning
Our Flat Patio Covers extend your roofline, giving your home more coverage.
“J” Hanging Rail                  
  •  2pc “J”  Hanging Rail provides a strong “hinged” mounting system.
  • Extra heavy extruded perimeter.
  • Neoprene gasket inside of mounting rail prevents leaking along mounting rail.
  • Color-matched stainless-steel fasteners.
  • Optional 4” skylite panels are available upon request.

All Framework 6063 T6 Alloy Extruded Aluminum.

Available Colors:

Perimeter: White, Black, Clay, Brown and Bronze.

Roof Panels: White, Black Colonial White, Clay, Brown and Bronze.

flat pan awning
flat pan awning


The Hanger Rod Flat Pan Canopy is an all extruded
aluminum canopy designed for high load architectural applications.

Optional deck styles provide a complete solution for any design requirement. Deck profiles can be combined with differing fascias to complement any design emphasis or building requirement. The all-extruded design provides a solution for both high snow drift loads and hurricane force winds without the need for uprights!

5 ways A. Hoffman Awning can keep you covered:

Fabric Awning
Retractable Awning
Step-Down Aluminum Awning
Flat Pan Awning
Standing Seam Awning