Corrugated Metal Awnings

corrugated awning

Corrugated Awnings are in high demand because of their low maintenance, clean modern architectural design and economical cost. We utilize a welded structural aluminum frame and cover our awnings with a high quality corrugated panel. All of our frames are custom designed with an array of shapes to fit any project.

The industrial look is very popular and corrugated architectural awnings definitely make that modern-day statement.

Our Corrugated Awnings are professionally installed on your windows, doors and porches. They shield your windows from the direct rays of the sun, keeping your home, business or workplace cooler in summer and protecting it from rain, snow and adding extra life to your windows and doors.

We currently install Corrugated Metal Awnings in: MD, DC, VA and PA.
  • Awnings on your windows keep your home or business cooler.
  • Awnings over your doors protect you and your visitors from the elements and keep your entryway dry.
  • Metal awnings are extremely durable. No need to take down in the winter.
  • Protection from the elements. Our Aluminum & Metal awnings are built to the latest wind and snow loads.

A Wide Variety of Colors & Shapes:

Our Kynar® color palette includes 20 LEED™ Certified and 31 Energy Star® colors!

Download the PAC-CLAD standard, metallic, cool, and premium color chart here

Other corrugated options include R-36, M-42 and 7/8 corrugated. These come in a variety of colors.