Awnings in Washington DC

Awnings provide a supply of shade from the beating sun, protect individuals and objects underneath from the inclement elements, and create an attractive addition to the standard building or house.

We provide awnings in Washington, D.C.

for residents and businesses looking to improve the curb appeal of their home, or provide a good bit of shade. We are experienced installers in a wide variety of awning types. Customers have a wide selection of commercial, residential, and standalone awnings in Washington that can be outfitted with custom logos, designs, and information. Our awning selections range from various fabrics to sturdy metals in either a retractable or permanent style. Our awning specialties include:

  • Residential – Residential awnings offer an incredible return on investment by creating livable space literally out of thin air. An awning off of the home provides shade and cover for a backyard barbecue or conversational patio. Our residential awnings can also be outfitted over existing structures like decks to add to the value of those structures. We also offer options such as strictly protective awnings that are a stylish way to protect an outdoor central air conditioner or other outdoor appliance.
  • Commercial – Commercial awnings are very multifunctional. They offer a way to distinguish a business from others on the street and are an attention-grabber when screened with a memorable logo or noticeable business information. Customers are also grateful for the outside awnings as they are protected from rain or sun as they wait for a ride or other patrons to meet them. The options for commercial awnings are plentiful from illuminated to canvas in a number of custom colors and prints.
  • Retractable – Retractable awnings are a great option for shade and protection on-demand. The awnings sit covertly tucked into the home or business when not in use only to easily and conveniently roll-out during sunny or rainy days or working hours. A retractable awning will last longer as it’s not constantly exposed to the elements, and it is crafted to exact dimensions to fit any size opening or destination.
  • Aluminum and Metal Awnings – The traditional aluminum and metal awnings offer another great return on investment when placed over windows or doors. The durable awnings shield out the sun during its highest peaks of the day making the home or business easier to cool while also protecting from sun fading. In inclement weather, the awnings protect expensive windows and doors from hail, sleet, and damaging snow and ice. Our aluminum and metal awnings come in a variety of colors and styles to match your current décor and can even be fashioned into a carport to protect vehicles from that same element exposure.
  • Drop Rolls & Curtains – While our awnings are great for protection from above, they don’t do much for cross winds or sun glare from the side. This is alleviated via the use of our drop rolls and curtains which can be unfurled from the sides to offer more security, privacy, and comfort when needed. The all-weather drop rolls and curtains are just as durable as other types of awnings, and can either be permanently attached in a spot like a restaurant entrance or unzipped only when needed.
  • Custom – Whether it comes to replacing a ripped awning, creating one for an old RV that you got a steal on, or building a structure to fit the most awkward sized location possible, we have you covered. Contact us to discuss specifics.

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Washington DC awnings really are a wise investment because of their protection, added value to the property, preservation of objects underneath, advertising options, and more. At A. Hoffman Awnings, we feel that our products are silent heroes, but perform an extremely important function nonetheless. As awning buffs, we’d love to chat about some specific questions you may have and to help you get the perfect product for your DC awnings project, so contact us at 410-685-5687.

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    I need one Rectractable Awning with 17.2 feet wide and 12.2 feet long.
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