Our bold and vibrant awning graphics will gain your business much needed visibility.
No matter what industry you’re in, awnings are a great solution for outdoor signage as they are very customizable in addition to their ability to draw a lot of attention.

Awnings are easy to match with your company’s style, theme and colors making them a perfect way to expand brand awareness. Here at A. Hoffman, we can add any logos, custom designs or text you need, giving you complete control over the look and purpose of your awning Not sure where to start or how to design an awning that will fit your business? No problem! Our sign experts are experienced in creating outdoor signage for varied industries and will be able to help you make the best choices for your business.

Painted Graphics

Painted graphics are perfect for all awnings materials and offer a durable solution. The paint will last as long, if not even longer than the material it’s applied to. That’s why we like to use this process as much as possible.

The majority of our graphics are applied using computer-cut vinyl stencil and the highest quality heavy body acrylic paint
You can even have a metallic finish to your logo or lettering to add even more vibrancy. Our painted graphics never fade, chip or crack.
Decal & Digitally Printed Graphics

Decals are perfect for vinyl awnings. We use the very best high performance 3M vinyls to create sharp, vivid graphics. There are two types of applications we provide: Computer cut vinyl for single color use, and digitally printed vinyl for logos that have multiple colors.

awning graphics
An example of an awning front completely wrapped in a 3M printed decal
Digitally printed decal applied to a vinyl awning. This method is used when the logo has multiple colors.
Backlit Graphics

We can even give you 24hr advertisement for your business with an awning that lights up at night!

backlit awning

Photo Courtesy of

Backlit Awning

Renderings, Logo Design & The Proofing Process

Once you decide to order an awning, our graphics department can help you visualize the finished look by creating an exact 3D replica and super-imposing it onto a photo of your business. For more about the rendering process, click here.

Once you’re happy with the size, shape & color of the awning, we’ll work with you to get the graphics exactly how you want them. If your business needs a logo, we can also design one for you. For more info, please visit our Logo Design page.

Here's an example of some graphics being proofed. Once you're happy with the layout...
We'll apply it to your awning!

We can’t wait to start working with you in designing the perfect awning for your business!