Motorized Louvered Pergolas

The Next Generation of Adaptable Outdoor Spaces


Provides light when you want it and protection from the sun and elements when you don’t. Elegant and beautifully designed and customized to fit your needs, our Motorized Louvered Pergolas will help make your outdoor space your new favorite room in the house.


Sundance Louvered Roofs are constructed using high grade extruded tempered aluminum designed to withstand winds up to 180mph and snow loads up to 60 lbs per sq ft. Along with being built to last, they are also designed with a trendy and modern look that perfectly accents contemporary establishments.

Our Motorized Louvered Pergolas are made of strong extruded tempered aluminum and comes with a maintenance free powder coated finish. They are made to withstand up to 180 mph windsΒ and up toΒ 60 lbs per sq ft snow loads.Β 

We offer our Motorized Louvered Pergolas in several stock colors, as well as dozens of custom colors. Our tectonic arched louvers can span longer than any other louvered roof product on the market. Our patent pending design makes it the next generation louvered pergola.

Our professional-grade louvered pergolas are built to last, and whether you are a residential or commercial customer our louvered systems will offer years of enjoyment. We use high-quality materials and industry-leading processes.

Motorized Louvered Pergolas are proudly made right here in the USA.

Take Control

by operating the motorized louvers with the remote control which allows you to adjust the shade exactly where you need it, any time you desire.
on the patio or coming through your windows or patio doors you can easily get it by opening the louvers to provide up to 85% of the natural light
on hot summer days or cold windy days allowing you to choose how much airflow is allowed.
utilizing interlocking louvers with a drip edge the rain simply runs in to the louver troughs and then out into the full perimeter gutter. It can then run into the post as a down spout or through a regular down spout. Finally it can be saved in a rain storage device or directed to water the lawn or garden.
because at the 150Β° louver opening angle you can clean the top of the louvers from underneath. No other type of patio cover offers that feature only a louvered roof.
being that the gutters are made to receive standard leaf screens, and because of the built in leaf control feature. This is how it works: the leaves fall on the louvers and you only open the louvers as much as need for sun and ventilation but not where they drop. Next, when you are ready to clean the leaves off move the furniture and lay down a tarp. Then they open the louvers to 160Β° and the leaves drop down on the tarp. Leaves on the gutter screens can be swept or blown off.

When your design requires more than a stock color, our wood grain textures are ready to dazzle.


The look of wood, the durability of aluminum all in one easy to spec process. Our repeating patterns of texture will shock and amaze people when they realize it’s not really wood. Our production process ensures patterns are invisible to the casual observer.

As the architectural industry searches for alternative materials to meet the growing demand for LEED and GREEN builds, QPC is proud to say that we are one of the first companies to bring this cutting edge design technology to the U.S