Awning Storm Damage


weather All our awnings are manufactured, engineered and built to code to withstand all types of extreme weather. However, occasionally storm systems come along that threaten all man-made structures. If your awning gets damaged by such a storm, we will send a crew to your location to haul debris away and photograph your awning for the adjuster or your insurance company.

A. Hoffman Awning Co. takes the worry out of insurance claims.
Storm Damage Awning
Our field representative Jim Milburn inspects a collapsed awning. If you look carefully at the photo above, the center awning was damaged because the snow above fell towards the middle of the roof, and then on top of the awning. The awnings either side were unaffected. We will haul away debris, analyze and record the reason behind the damage and liaise with your insurance company to get your awning repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.
Awning Snow Damage
An example of snow build-up exceeding the snow-load capacity of an aluminum awning. This illustrates how important it is to remove the snow build-up before any damage can occur. This also applies if your roof has a water load capacity. During the storm season, most home elements are battled to their breaking point. If your roof has any water damage, you may want to look into Water Damage and Roofing of Cedar Park for more information.
Snow Awning
An example of snow sliding from the roof above which has buckled this aluminum awning. It’s important to call us immediately as the awning could potentially harm anyone near it.
Icicle Damage

What many people fail to realize is that a large falling icicle can pierce fabric and even aluminum awnings.

Icicle damage
Jim Milburn inspects and takes photos for our customer’s insurance company of this snow and icicle-damaged window awning.
Please call our office at 410-685-5687 and we will happily aid you with your insurance company by providing all information necessary for your claim. If we think there’s a potential hazard we will send an emergency crew out to your location immediately.