Renderings & Mock-ups

How we design the perfect awning for you.

Because every awning we make is completely unique, it’s important for our customers to be able to visualize how the awning will look before we even begin to think about manufacturing anything. We’re very proud about how we achieve this.

Firstly, a member of our knowledgeable sales team will find out from you the type of awning you’re looking for. Your sales rep will then pass this info onto our graphics department. This is where the magic happens.

Our sophisticated 3D modeling software is used to create an accurate rendering of your awning.

This way you’ll know exactly what your awning will look like before we even start the manufacturing process. Once the 3D model is completed, we can then cleverly super-impose the rendered awning onto your home or business. Once the rendering is done to your specifications, we’ll email you the result.

This is where you can make those all-important changes. Don’t like the color? We’ll make a change and send you a new rendering. Want to see the awning in a different shape or size? Not a problem.

We’ll do everything we can to make the perfect awning for you.

As well as fabric awnings, we can also render:

Standing Seam and Metal Panels
Pergolas, Slide-on-Wire and Free Standing Awnings
Aluminum & W-Panel Awnings

Take a look at some of our recent renderings below:

We can’t wait to design something unique for you!

For more rendering examples, head on over to our Renderings Gallery.