Canopy Awnings

What a canopy can do for you.

A canopy awning has a fixed frame which will serve you all year long.

Our frames are made from galvanized steel in our welding facility and are constructed to withstand high snow and wind loads. The framework can be powder coated (as show in the image above)

Our patio awnings and gazebos offers unique advantages:

  • Canopies can be custom designed to fit in virtually any setting and cover almost any area you desire no matter how large or small.
  • Sturdy frame construction means no worries about wind or weather in summer storms.
  • Our beautiful collection of awning fabrics makes it possible for you to create just the right look reflecting your sense of style.
  • See-through mesh or upvc curtains can be added to create shade from any angle while preserving the view from your deck or patio.
  • Your awning frame will support exterior lighting and hanging plants that create an inviting sanctuary whose relaxing atmosphere is ideal for entertaining and private moments alike.
  • To protect your awning fabric from the harsh winter elements, we offer a take-down service in the winter months. For a small subscription, we come out to you and unlace your awning cover from the frame, fold it up and give it to you to store somewhere dry and safe. Then in the spring, (typically after the last snowfall of the year) we will come by and re-lace the awning fabric back to your frame. This prolongs the life of the awning fabric by as much as 50%
  • Call 410-685-5687 for information on our take-down and re-hang subscription service.
Patio Awning custom fitted to this deck with a powder coated frame and uprights

Cost effectiveness of an awning or canopy:

According to the study, conducted by PAMA awnings can reduce annual cooling energy by as much as 50 percent in hot climates. Awning can also reduce energy costs as much as 25% in moderate climates, such as Washington, DC. This compares to homes with completely un-shaded windows. The amount of cooling energy saved varies depending on the number of windows, type of glass in the windows, window orientation and the climate the house is in.

“What some people don’t realize is that in most homes, more cooling energy is lost through glass doors and windows than any other part of the house.” said Michelle Sahlin, managing director of PAMA. “Awnings are an effective way to reduce heat gain and prevent cooling energy loss in households. This benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the homeowner by saving them money on energy bills.”

Click here for a complete copy of the PAMA Study on Awning Energy Saving

Some Canopy examples:

Gazebo_and_Free_Standing (9)

This is an example of a free-standing hardtop gazebo type-structure. The customers of this awning wanted a permanent structure, but not connected to their home. They asked us to add a mounting plate in the center of the gazebo so they could get an electrician like to install a ceiling fan. On the west side of the gazebo, our knowledgeable sales team suggested to the customers to add a roll-up curtain. This way the sun can be blocked in the late-evening.

Deck_and_Patio (2)

The above image is an excellent example of how an awning can be used commercially. We created this outdoor seating awning for Bowman Restaurant in Parkville, Maryland. You can see from the image, that the owners of the restaurant now have the ability to seat many more customers.

Installing one of our wide range of Restaurant Patio Awnings increases your dining capacity, which in turn increases your profits.

3D Animation showing restaurant patio awning with rigid wind barriers, ceiling fans and heaters

Restaurant Patio Awnings
Add a ceiling fan for the summer months, or an outdoor heating unit in winter. This awning has roll-up curtains with pvc windows

Restaurant Awning

Below we set out just how quickly you can return on your investment.

$25 per seat scenario:

Let’s say your restaurant averages $25 per person. In the example set out below, a revenue of $25 per seat means that an extra 30 seats generated by an outdoor awning could bring in and additional $18,750 in only 25 days.

Formula: Revenue per seat x Seats used per day x days used per month

So, whether you need a respite from the sun, want to beautify you home or need extra seating for your customers, A. Hoffman can provide you with a solution that you’ll love.