Awnings for Home

Awnings for Home – We know that buying an awning for your home can be a daunting task – especially if you’ve never owned an awning or window shade before. You’ve probably got several questions, and in this article, we aim to simplify the process for you by outlining what an awning can do for you.

Why an awning?

Awnings and canopies satisfy any one or all of the following functional objectives: Energy savings; weather protection (sun, rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind); identification & advertising; or architectural aesthetics.

Today’s modern fabrics are long-lasting, vibrant, easily cleaned, super-strong and flame-retardant. Modern frame materials offer high strength-to-weight ratios and corrosion resistance. The proper combination of these properties will result in safe, durable, economical and beautiful awnings. Having an awning is a great way to protect part of your house, however, it can’t protect it fully and because of that home insurance is needed just in case bad weather/inside damage happens and you must be covered. Checking out simply insurance pa could get you prepared for anything that comes your way, it is worth it for that extra relief. The awnings are a lovely addition to a home but your whole house needs to be protected in the best way it possibly can be.

Energy Savings
Awnings for HomeThe benefits of awnings go far beyond aesthetic appeal. It’s true that Awnings for Home can enhance the look of your place of residence, but the real gem is that awnings save energy and protect furniture, floors, and carpets from fading.

In a few short weeks you’ll notice the energy-saving benefits. In a typical home, more energy is transferred through glass doors and windows than through any other construction element. In fact, on a hot day, more energy comes through one square foot of glass than through an entire insulated wall. Solar radiation (infrared light) through glass is responsible for approximately 20 percent of the load on an air conditioner. To reduce the load on the conditioner, you may want to look at replacing your windows every 10 years to provide your home with the best windows to reduce the infrared red radiation. If you’re due some new windows, you might want to get your windows replacement in Markham, US as there are some pretty good companies in the area.

There are other ways to save money on your energy bills too. For example, take a look at this useful guide to the best electric companies in Texas. Switching energy companies can sometimes significantly reduce your utility bill costs, so do not be afraid to shop around to find the best possible price.

According to the study, conducted by PAMA awnings can reduce annual cooling energy by as much as 50 percent in hot climates, such as Texas, and as much as 25% in moderate climates, such as Washington, DC, compared to homes with completely un-shaded windows. The amount of cooling energy saved varies depending on the number of windows, type of glass in the windows, window orientation and the climate the house is in.

Click here for a complete copy of the PAMA Study on Awning Energy Saving

Weather Protection
Awnings for HomeAwnings and Canopies can offer protection from the sun, rain, snow, sleet and hail. The will direct rain away from the brick or siding surrounding your windows and doors. This will extend the life of the sealant around your windows thus protecting you from expensive repairs in the future. Our line of Basement and Stairway Awnings will even prevent water damage from flooding! Our awnings are also build to code to withstand heavy winds and snow loads. We do point out that it’s important to remove any build up for snow to reduce the potentially harmful falling snow! Awnings can give people much-needed protection from water damage during any dangerous weather conditions such as hurricanes or a big downfall of snow. Some people even like to take it one step further in their protection by deciding to have their gutters cleaned by companies similar to Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Beaverton, who will be able to remove any debris that has clogged up the system. A free gutter can help the flow of water to continue without getting stuck and this could significantly reduce the chances of water damage. Both of these protectors being used together may prove to be successful.

Awnings for HomeApplying graphics directly to awning fabrics provides identification for your home. you can add your address on the front so you’re easily identifiable from the street. Why no also print your initials or even a family crest! Your imagination is your limit. We have hundreds of typefaces to choose from. Our graphics team will work with you to get your awning lettering or logo exactly to you specifications. Our competitors use vinyl decals on their awnings. We find that this type of lettering peels off after a few months. That’s why we use super-durable acrylic paint to stencil on your graphics. This type of lettering wont face, peel or chip, meaning it will last as long as the awning fabric!

Architectural Aesthetics
Awnings for homeCreative designers and architects can develop useful and intriguing designs for modern awning and canopy systems that incorporate shape, light, color, texture, graphics and structure, at modest cost. Most awning frames are custom made by cutting, bending and welding metal tubing, and fitting the fabric to the frame. With these custom methods, almost any shape and size can be attained and covered with awning fabric. Hence, the same surface can serve at least three necessary functions: weather protection, identification and architecture.

Extend your Living Space

Benefits of an AwningAwnings or canopies built off a patio or deck provide a cool and relaxing extension of your living area for you and your guests. You’ll enjoy the comfort of cool shade during the sweltering heat. Canopies also extend your living space, giving you more room to sit back and relax while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. If you don’t want an awning extending from your home all the time, you can also enjoy a retractable awning which retracts into it’s special protective housing during the bad weather.

Awning Style Sheet

Awning Styles

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